The Benefits of eCommerce for Your Business

Are you thinking of trying out E-commerce for your business? When entering this area of sales, there are many benefits of eCommerce that can increase your business’s revenue. We’ve outlined the key factors that make E-commerce a worthwhile investment that’ll help expand your business.

Open 24/7. You’ll be able to keep business going no matter what time of day it is. People can visit your E-commerce site and place an order whenever they want without you having to have an open store-front. This adds a huge convenience factor to your business.

Less costly. With an E-commerce business, you don’t have to pay rent or electricity for a store space. If you do want to keep a brick and mortar storefront, taking part of your business online can help you reduce inventory expenses. You also may not have to pay as many employees or worry about scheduling, especially around the holiday season.   benefits_of_ecommerce

Endless merchandise space. When you’re selling your merchandise online, you won’t ever have to worry about having enough space to display all your products. You can have all your products displayed in a uniform, consistently organized manner. You also don’t have to stress out about maintaining a clean store space. This way, you can spend more time working on increasing the profitability of your business rather than keeping it clean.

Less theft. When you’re operating a business that sells products, the chances for theft are going to be lower if you’re selling online. With no store to steal from, people can’t just walk in and take items out of your store without paying. Having merchandise stolen from your store can become a big problem, which could even lead to you closing your business in the future.


Enhancing your email list. An easy way to get the emails of potential consumers, even if they don’t purchase anything from your site, is by offering a discount for new website visitors. When a new potential buyer visits your site, you can ask for their email address in exchange for a percentage off their first order. Not only does this give you a larger email list to promote your site, you can also attract more business because of the discount you’re offering.

Upselling. If a customer is purchasing an item off of your website, you can program your site to show the customer related products near checkout that would compliment the item they are purchasing. This can greatly increase sales because customer can just add the product to their virtual cart with one click, without having to search an entire store for a complimentary product. This also puts a related product in the customer’s mind that they might not have thought about before.

Customer data. When a customer puts their information in on your website while checking out, you easily create a database of consumer information that you can use to build stronger relations. All of their purchases will be saved in your database, so you can create an optimum client profile. This will come in handy when you want to reach out to them when you release similar products that you think they would like. Customers love to feel like they’re getting the most personalized attention possible while shopping.

E-commerce has many benefits that could launch your business into success, without having to deal with maintaining a physical store. Fattmerchant can save you tons of money on credit card processing with the best E-commerce solutions for your business with our shopping cart. Manage customer orders, store customer data, and easily accept coupons and discounts with Fattmerchant. Contact us today to find out how much you can save with our awesome E-commerce tools.

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