The Benefits of Processing Within an Application

the benefits of processing within an application

In our last blog on ISV partnerships, we showed you how Fattmerchant’s API delivers a seamless and integrated experience. But what are the exact benefits to offering an all-in-one user experience? What kind of value does payment processing add to your application?

Customers love an integrated experience and getting everything they need in one place. One of the best examples is mobile banking. Customers rated the user experience as the most important factor when it came to banking. Features like real-time spending alerts and budget dashboards are two ways banks keep their customers engaged.

Giving your customers an all-in-one experience through your app means solving problems for customers before they even crop up. That could mean adding in features for scheduling, inventory management, and processing. Payment processing in particular gives your platform an integrated, all-in-one experience your customers and their customers will appreciate.

You Can Be Everything Your Customers Need

Being everything your customers want and need is the defining characteristic of user experience. Features that touch all points of their business operations won’t only make their easier, it also gives them a totally immersive user experience. If they can schedule staff, manage inventory, and accept payments from your platform, you’ll improve their experience and your user adoption rates. Business owners can take orders and check their customers out without any lag time. They won’t need to leave your platform every time someone places a new order or books a service.

Getting everything in one place is the most convenient solution your platform can offer. Once you find the right partner, you can integrate their technology into your platform and truly be everything your customers want and need.

You’ll Pay it Forward

If your customers can do it all, their customers will know it. Using different niche solutions for scheduling, inventory, staff productivity, and payments can drag down a business’ efficiency just from having to juggle all those different tools. Having to go back and forth between all those different platforms while a line backs up at check out just doesn’t work for a business owner. But by having everything in one place, including payments, your customers can be as fast and efficient as they need to be. Using integrations creates a domino effect that ends in higher customer satisfaction.

Designing your platform to be a truly all-in-one experience nets a huge return on investment. Your customers won’t need to leave your platform to manage their business operations. Giving business owners the ability to process payments through your app unifies their experience from start to finish, which can heighten adoption rates and stickiness.

When it comes to integrated technology, Fattmerchant makes it easy to get started and start delivering an all-in-one user experience to your customers. Our team will work with you to create a unique, seamless experience. And since Fattmerchant is a payment facilitator, you can instantly onboard new customers to your platform. You’ll have a truly user-friendly platform that can do it all.

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This blog is part of our ISV Partnership education series. This series will explore the rewards and details of integrated payment partnerships and examine the benefits of using integrated payment technology. Click here to read our other posts in the series.

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