The Best Credit Card Readers in 2020

Fattmerchant Credit Card Readers

As a business owner, you may find yourself shopping around for modern credit card readers that not only help your revenue generation but also provide an all-around better customer experience. Selecting the right credit card reader will help reduce your processing costs and increase your profits.  Finding a merchant services provider that can do everything in one platform is also appealing. 

Here are the best credit card readers in 2020 and how Fattmerchants terminals compare to other merchant services providers. 

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Traditional Countertop Payment Processors

Countertop terminals are the most commonly used payment processing terminals. They are best suited for retail stores with checkout counters, restaurants, salons, and healthcare facilities that have a designated area for processing transactions. Costs for traditional payment terminals can range from just under $100 to $350 and above.

Countertop credit card terminals allow you to swipe your customers’ credit cards through a card reader to process the transaction. If you want to add a PIN pad you can also process debit cards and EBT cards. 

For traditional retail terminals Fattmerchant offers:

Dejavoo – We carry the top of the line Dejavoo systems – Z1, Z8, Z9, and Z11 for swiped, dipped, or tapped in-person payments. Most are WiFi ready and provide contactless payment options. 

PAX A920 – The PAX A920 combines the full features of an Android tablet with a powerful payment terminal, all in a sleek and compact design. The A920 delivers an integrated camera, high-speed thermal printer, and a high-capacity battery to meet the daily demands across all dynamic Retail or Hospitality environments. 

Fattmerchant Dejavoo vs Wells Fargo Clover

Both Fattmerchant and Wells Fargo Clover offer sleek, modern-looking credit card machines, but how do they compare in terms of costs and features?

Wells Fargo Clover offers six choices for credit card processing equipment: Go, Flex, Mobile, Mini, Station, and Station. The costs for the Clover Flex depend on where you purchase it however, If you purchase the Flex from Clover’s website, it will cost $449. A corded countertop terminal with Fattmerchant is just $300.  That’s not where the savings end either. 


Swiped, Dipped, Tapped transactions .08% and .10 cents + interchange. 

Wells Fargo Clover: 

Swiped, Dipped, Tapped transactions 2.7% and 10 cents + interchange.

Mobile Payment Processors

Mobile merchant services are a great option for businesses on the go. These terminals offer an alternative to invoicing your customers and waiting for payments. With a mobile credit card reader, you can process payments as soon as services have been rendered. 

Fattmerchant offers NPC mobile readers for small to mid-sized merchants looking to accept mobile payments anywhere they conduct business. With absolutely no additional equipment to purchase, all a merchant has to do is download the app on their mobile device, activate the application, and start processing. This mobile payment processing solution is compatible with iPhone, Android, and RIM operating systems, and it’s supported by all major wireless providers.

Fattmerchant Mobile Terminal vs Square Mobile Terminals

The Square contactless mobile reader is $49 when you set up a business account. While the reader itself is cheaper than the Fattmerchant mobile credit card reader, the overall quality and cost per swipe more than pays for the initial upfront cost of the swiper. Businesses with higher risks of chargebacks and higher ticket prices should choose an EMV compliant reader so that you can receive better protection from fraud and chargebacks. 

Fattmerchant’s Chipper 2X mobile terminal turns any smartphone into a payment gateway. Despite its small size, the ultra-compact, Bluetooth-capable Chipper 2X supports all magstripe and EMV payment functions. The chip reading platform, with end-to-end data encryption technology, ensures safe and flexible payment options for your customers.

Contactless Payment Options

Contactless payment options can help you increase sales by giving access to new customers. Wireless terminals offer flexibility and reduce operating expenses, saving you time. You can process payments wherever and whenever you need to with the same security, flexibility, and reliability as any other processing solution.

Now is the perfect time to add contactless payment solutions to your business. Having all the tools and features your business needs under one platform helps eliminate added costs that result from using multiple payment processing providers. 

Fattmerchant Virtual Terminal vs Paypal Virtual Terminal

Only available through the PayPal Payments Pro solution, the PayPal Virtual Terminal allows merchants to accept payments virtually anywhere they have Internet access, with no card swipe or software to install, and is ideal for merchants who receive orders by phone, fax, or face to face.

Fattmerchant’s state-of-the-art Omni Virtual Terminal provides powerful solutions catered to your business needs. You can also Integration into apps such as QuickBooks Online, providing you with access to a single platform that can help you manage your payments online, from any device, at any time, anywhere. 

Fattmerchant Payment Pricing:

For Businesses Processing Up to $500,000 Annually: $99/month

Keyed: $0.15 per transaction

For Businesses Processing Over $500,000 Annually: $199/month

Keyed: $0.15 per transaction


PayPal processing fees: 

Keyed: 3.5% + $0.15 per transaction

Fattmerchant vs other Merchant Services Providers

Every cent counts towards improving your business operations. This is why Fattmerchant’s credit card readers provide optimized payment processing solutions and best-in-class support without costing your business a fortune. 

To learn more about Fattmerchant payment processing services reach out to us for a free consultation today. We will be glad to answer any questions you may have and help you make use of our state of the art merchant services right away.

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