The Secret to Reducing Credit Card Machine Fees

Reducing credit card fees with payment processing

Inevitably, as a business owner in today’s day and age, you’re going to need a credit card machine in order to accept one of the most widely used forms of payment. Unfortunately, that means you’re also going to run into credit card processing fees. Some businesses are paying ridiculous overhead costs just to be able to process these commodities, but why? There’s no need to pay more than the direct cost from the credit card company. Fattmerchant is here to save you from those pesky markup fees – well, save your money at least!The_Secret_to_Reducing_Credit_Card_Machine_Fees_copy

In the past, there has always been third-party businesses involved in order to process credit cards: the credit card association, issuing banks, acquiring banks, merchant account providers and payment gateways. With all these middlemen “helping out” that means extra fees to add on: mark ups, IRS fees, terminal fees, annual fees, monthly fees, statement fees… the list goes on!

What if we told you that the secret to reducing your credit card machine and processing fees was to simply get rid of the middlemen? Sounds simple enough, right? That’s exactly what you need to save money, but something these third-parties just can’t seem to figure out without going out of business themselves. Lucky for you, Fattmerchant is ahead of the game!

Rather than charging your business extra statement fees or IRS fees, Fattmerchant covers it for you! We don’t add on a markup, so you only have to pay the direct access interchange rate that credit card companies charge. Without a million middlemen to link you to these companies, you save on all the extra expenses because all you’re responsible for are the direct costs.

The secret to reducing your business shares on processing fees is to find a merchant service provider that offers month-to-month billing with a flat fee based on your business size and processing rate. Stop paying unnecessary third-party fees for a service that Fattmerchant can provide you for much cheaper. Fattmerchant offers no contracts with one flat monthly fee for unlimited credit card processing.

What you should be looking for in a merchant services company:

  • Subscription-based monthly processing flat fee
  • No contract or cancellation fees
  • POS and ecommerce payment processing
  • Different subscription plans to choose from
  • Next day funding
  • Recurring billing
  • Quick setup and easy to read statement
  • Free processing equipment with each plan

Take back control of your business expenses, and start saving today! Contact Fattmerchant for more information about credit card processing and inquire how we can save you from nonsensical fees.

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