Tips for Running a Spa Business

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Your Spa Business Plan

To be successful in any kind of business, you have to organize. This starts with creating your spa’s business plan. This is the outline for how you’ll run your spa. There are many different templates for business plans, but the common denominators are:

  1. Who are you?
  2. Who are your customers?
  3. What’s your mission?
  4. What do you do?
  5. How are you different?


Who you are as a person and as a company are core to your business. Your story should fuel your mission. Your business won’t work if the passion from you and your team isn’t there. Your mission, what you do, and who you are should help you identify your customer. Your customer should be someone with a pain point that your business solves.

Understanding your customer will give you a clearer picture of how you should operate. If you’ve decided that your spa business will focus on overall wellness, then consider launching a loyalty program for repeat customers. Or, if you are providing a more luxury experience, offer gift certificates for massages and pampering packages. What you do should match with your customer’s wants and needs.

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Why and What?

Your mission is your why. This is where you define your values and purpose for running a spa. You follow up your mission with what you are doing to back it up. These are your business activities. If your mission is to promote clean and healthy living, then what your spa does should support that goal. Your mission and your operations should come directly from your understanding of your customer and their pain points.


The spa industry has experienced consistent growth and is expected to keep growing. With more and more spas popping up across the globe, there’s an increasing need to set yourself apart from the competition. You have to show your consumers how you’re different and why they should care. This could be anything – from developing a new type of treatment to providing a different atmosphere and feel for your spa. What’s important is that this sets you apart from your competition and provides value to your customer.  

To Sum Up: Keep it Simple

The best way to support your spa business plan is with simplicity. Keeping your business practices simple will remove headaches for you and your clients. One of the biggest hassles in business is payment. Too many steps and too few accepted payment types can deter customers at checkout.

To simplify the process, you need the right tools for the trade. Fattmerchant’s physical terminals allow for seamless card-present transactions that don’t waste you or your customer’s time at checkout. We also offer virtual terminals and online payment portals for customers who would rather pay online. You’ll want to train your staff to support these processes to limit the number of steps your clients needs to take.

Clarity is another key factor for business owners when considering payment processing services. The industry is plagued by hidden fees that make it difficult for businesses to predict expenses. The best thing you can do for your spa business is acquiring the tools necessary to create a client-focused environment.

Want to get started on simplifying your business? Fattmerchant integrates with spa technologies like Envision so that you can take payments and manage your customers and appointments all in one place. Learn more about our wellness solutions!

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