Training for Warriors Strengthens Their Payment Processing with Fattmerchant

See how Training for Warriors Lake Mary powered up their payment processing with Fattmerchant!

Jesse Walker, owner and head coach of Training for Warriors in Lake Mary, Florida, has put some power back into his payment processing with Fattmerchant. With a passion for fitness and helping others achieve their goals, Walker has his hand full with clients and classes. The last thing he wants to have to worry about is processing payments.

Download the full case study here, or watch the video to learn more about how Training for Warriors found success with Fattmerchant. 

Luckily, Walker found Fattmerchant to help with all of his payment needs. He can now feel confident his payments are secure, simple, and work well with his daily routine. With the online payment platform Fattmerchant Payments Online, Walker is able to bill his clients in a way that makes the most sense for this business, all while saving time and money.

As a gym owner, there are a variety of different ways Walker needs to be able to accept payments. Most of the time, payments are at set amounts, billed as monthly memberships. In some cases, however, Walker offers special promotions through online ads. In order to do so, he employs the hosted web payments feature from within Fattmerchant Payments Online. Walker is able to create a special URL for a promotion, and link his ad to that page. Once the payment is complete, the URL will redirect to whatever thank you page he wants, complete with his gym’s branding.

As for the Fattmerchant team, Walker could not be more satisfied. “When I first got signed up I was talking with different people from Fattmerchant and they made sure I was comfortable and walked me through the whole process. We did a couple of test transactions and that was great because there were a few things I didn’t know yet,” he explains. “I could tell they really cared, it was really cool.”

“I know where I’m saving and I know how much I am saving. Every month I get a report and I can see all of the transactions and how much it costs me to make those transactions and I think for the business owner, if you don’t know where your money is going – that’s not good,” Walker says when asked to give advice to other business owners about Fattmerchant. “I know I will be saving a lot of money in the long run, and that is really important to me.”

All in all, Walker couldn’t be happier with his time so far with Fattmerchant. Between the easy-to-use technology, features that fit his business, and incredible savings, Walker now has the time and freedom to focus on what matters – coaching and being there for his clients. “Using Fattmerchant has been great. It’s simple to use and it’s easy for me to be able to do all of the things I need to do and I am really thankful for that service.”

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