We Integrate with QuickBooks

QuickBooks is a great all-in-one solution for businesses to use that includes invoicing, bookkeeping, billing, and more. Intuit comes as the processor automatically for QuickBooks, however Fattmerchant can integrate our virtual terminal – NPC Secure – directly in with your QuickBooks so you can process with us and get the directcost for credit card transactions. Fattmerchant never has any markups.. you pay the direct cost of processing which is about 1.89% from Visa/Mastercard. Check out the significant markups and rates that Intuit charges and see why you should make the switch.


If you’re running more than $3,000 per month:-Monthly Fee: $19.95-Rates for keyed entries: 3.15% + 25 cents
-Cost for ACH: 50 cents

If you’re running less than $3,000 per month:
-Monthly Fee: $0
-Rates for keyed entries: 3.40% + 25 cents
-Cost for ACH: 50 cents

Stop overpaying for credit card transactions.. call us today and we’ll walk you thru the changeover so you can keep your QuickBooks and start making quick savings. 

How To Integrate with QuickBooks – See for yourself how easy it is to integrate your QuickBooks with our virtual terminal by checking out this step-by-step guide.

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