By Fattmerchant

Why Analytics Matter for Your Business [Infographic]

Big Data, business intelligence, or analytics: whatever you call it, it’s the next big thing in business operations. Business intelligence is more than just a buzzword – it’s vital for making smarter business decisions to cut costs and improve revenue.

What is Big Data?

Big data means analyzing business data to identify trends to make smarter choices in operations, marketing, and sales. This includes leveraging market trends, customer behaviors, and sales numbers to understand patterns and correlations.

Global corporations are already taking advantage of huge amounts of data to drive millions of dollars in revenue. In fact, retailers like Kohls have been able to increase their sales by 100-200% by using big data to personalize their marketing efforts. But all kinds of businesses are analyzing big data to make decisions. According to Forbes, small business are leading the way with adopting business intelligence tools.

Want to find out how you can increase profits and reduce loss for your company by using big data and analytics? Check out the infographic below.


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