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Stay ahead of the competition and take payments the way your customers want to pay, with Contactless by Omni.

Modernize Your Business Overnight with an All-In-One Suite of Contactless Solutions

Sell Online with a One-Click Instant Shopping Cart

Create a shopping cart to sell your products with 1-click. No configuration or technical skills needed.

Create With a Single Click

Simply select your catalog items, click create, and your shopping cart is ready to process online orders for your customers. No coding or configuration is needed to build your shopping cart.

Omni Contactless Shopping Cart Displaying on Monitor
Host Shopping Cart

Choose Where to Host Your Shopping Cart

Don’t worry about purchasing a domain and keeping it up to date on PCI Compliance requirements. We can host the site for you so you never have to worry about maintenance or security. Alternatively, you can choose to embed the shopping cart on your website for a more customized solution.

Text Message Payments with Text2Pay

Allow your customers to pay for their purchase via text message.

Text a Payment Link

Once an order is confirmed, send a payment link to your customer via text message so they can pay for their purchase right from their phone.

Omni Contactless Shopping SMS Received on Smartphone
Contactless App Billing Details on Smartphone

Communicate 2-Ways

Communicate with your customers via text message to answer questions and make changes to orders.

Virtual Portal for Keying in Over-the-Phone Orders

Take orders from your customers over-the-phone for curbside pickup or delivery.

Key-In Safe & Secure Phone Orders

Take payment information from your customer over the phone and safely key it into your computer, tablet or additional mobile device using a Level 1 PCI Secure platform.

Business Woman Using Laptop While Talking on Smartphone

Contactless Physical Terminals for In-Person Payments

Use NFC card readers to process safe, in-person payments

Cutomers Paying Bill Using Omni Contactless Payment App

Countertop and Mobile Devices

With NFC card readers, your customers no longer have to hand their card over or touch a physical pin pad. They can simply wave their contactless card, phone or watch over the terminal to process while enjoying a cleaner and safer way to pay.

In addition to being cleaner, NFC payments are also faster. The transaction is processed faster, and your customers won’t have to spend time pulling out their cards and then putting them away, ultimately reducing long lines, and keeping your customers happy.

Emailed Invoices

Send professional electronic invoices to your customers via email or text message.

Emailed Payment Links

Customers can receive a link to pay their invoices via email. Keep track of invoice statuses from your computer or mobile device.

Email Payment Link
Omni Customized Payments Invoice

Customize the Look and Feel of Your Invoices

Invoices can be customized to match the businesses branding and can include custom fields and messaging specific to your business.

Omni-Channel Reporting

Payment data for all of your contactless solutions are found on a single dashboard. Seamlessly track the payments across your entire business with a single view.

Easy Onboarding

Onboarding with Contactless by Omni is as easy as 1-2-3.
1. Apply in less than 20 minutes
2. Access your contactless solutions
3. Start processing!

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