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Commitment to Transparency

With our transparent pricing models and easy-to-read statements, always know what you’re paying and why.

We never charge extra fees or require contracts, plus our customer success team is always available to help if you need it!

Subscription Membership

Our flagship offering, subscription-based membership pricing, is our bread and butter. For a flat, monthly membership, you enjoy access to the true cost of interchange.

Interchange is the lowest cost of accepting credit cards, set by the card companies themselves. A lot of companies charge what is referred to as “interchange plus” and add a variable percentage on top of the interchange for each card. With our subscription model, you’re paying interchange plus zero.

Flat-Rate Model

Perfect for our lower-volume merchants, our flat-rate model lets you pay as you earn. No matter what type of card you are accepting, you always pay a flat 2.9% per transaction.

Whether interchange for a card is .5% or 1.5% – you only ever pay that flat rate. This fixed rate means you can be confident you know what you’re paying each month, and that you aren’t overpaying based on card type.

Amazing Technology

As a Fattmerchant member, not only do you have the power to save and grow with our transparent pricing models, you have access to the perfect technology solutions for your business.

We offer online invoicing solutions, integrations into point-of-sale systems and countertop terminals, online shopping carts, and an industry leading API.

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