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Better Payment Processing with 0% Markup.

Other payment processors take a percentage of every transaction and add unnecessary fees. Through subscription-style pricing, Fattmerchant cuts out the middleman and gives you access to the direct cost of processing, cutting-edge technology, and world-class member experience.


The Fattmerchant Difference:

  • Simple, transparent pricing
  • Average savings of $513/month
  • No contracts or hidden fees
  • 24/7 real-human customer support
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  • Flat-Rate Pricing – Know what you’re paying and why every month. No added fees. No headaches.
  • No Contract – We believe in earning your business every day, so we never require a contract (unlike the competition).
  • Processing Solutions for Every Business – From EMV terminals to online virtual terminals, shopping carts, mobile, and much more.
  • Customer Service – The ultimate customer experience delivered by real humans. Period.

Always Know What You’re Paying and Why.

No added fees. No contracts. Just savings.

  • How We’re Different – Traditional merchant service providers make their money by charging you unnecessary fees.
  • Interchange? – Interchange is the rates set by the credit card companies themselves. Every card has a different rate associated with it so interchange rates vary from 0.05% to 3.1%. Everyone has to pay interchange regardless of size or volume.
  • Simple Flat-Rate – Whether your business requires a flat markup or a flat monthly subscription, we’ve got you covered. We are dedicated to offering the best options for all businesses.

Fast. Affordable. Transaction. Technology.

Fattmerchant provides merchants with any payment solution they need to process as efficiently as possible, all free with membership!

  • EMV Terminals – EMV terminals already programmed to accept chip cards and Apple/Samsung Pay. Perfect for retail locations and brick and mortar stores.
  • Fattmerchant Payments Online – Sends invoices, tokenize and store customer information, set up recurring billing, and more. Perfect for service businesses.
  • Online Shopping Cart – Quickly and easily set up an online shopping cart for your eCommerce store. We can even integrate into your existing one.
  • Integrations – Fattmerchant is able to integrate into 99% of hardware and software. Meaning you keep processing just as you always have but with Fattmerchant’s 0% markups and real-human, out of this world service.

See Why Thousands Have Switched.

  • “We use Aloha here at Craig Miller’s Field House and the integration was seamless, the funds hit the bank on schedule and it was actually an improvement over what we had before.” – Craig Miller’s Field House
  • “The team over at Fattmerchant is unlike any other credit card processor we have ever worked with. They are incredibly attentive to our every [unique] need, and get things done quickly. Combine that with saving a ton of money in processing fees and it’s a complete no-brainer.” – Avenue Event Group
  • “Fattmerchant has delivered on every promise. I’m saving 40% a month and can’t believe it. Invoices make sense and I know exactly what I’m being charged for. They have great online reporting tools which my old processor did not offer and, on top of that, they have they have the best customer service I have ever dealt with. The people in the office are enthusiastic about what they are doing and respond to my emails within minutes (nearly impossible with my old processor). This company is legit!” – Damico’s Coffee

Our Promise To You.

Fattmerchant believes that businesses of all sizes deserve to have the tools to be successful. At Fattmerchant, that means access to the direct cost of processing, cutting-edge technology, and world-class member experience.

  • Transparent Pricing – With Fattmerchant, your merchant services bill will only ever be comprised of 3 things:
    • Fattmerchant monthly membership.
    • Direct costs.
    • Flat cents per transaction. No markups, no % add-ons, no hidden fees, just savings.
  • Outstanding Customer Service – Fattmerchant’s customer service team goes above and beyond for every member of Fattmerchant. When you have a question, you call our office right here in Orlando, Florida and you immediately have a real-life human’s voice to the phone.
  • Cutting Edge Technology – Fattmerchant believes that in order to process as efficiently as possible, merchants need the most up to date equipment and technology. We provide our members with only the best and Fattmerchant’s in-house technology team has created the most user-friendly and powerful online payment platform on the market.
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