We enable software platforms
to accept payments.

With Omni Connect, you have an entire payments ecosystem at your fingertips, with a single API.
Let us do the heavy lifting with the payments infrastructure, so you can focus on your software, and your customers.

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Integrate Fast. Enhance Experience. Monetize Payments.

Bank Sponsorship

Having a partnership with a sponsor bank is an integral part of accepting payments. However, the process
of developing a relationship with a sponsor bank requires a large investment of both time and dollars.
Leverage our relationship with the largest sponsor bank in the nation so you don’t have to.

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Get Started Faster

Avoid the process of establishing a relationship with a sponsor bank – through our partnership, you will have access to the tools required to process payments in a matter of days, not years.

Alleviate costs

Building a partnership with a sponsor bank is a long and complicated process. A process that requires so much time and money that the majority of a business’s finances need to be allocated for a single partnership. Remove all of that from your plate and start accepting payments with little to no financial investment on your end.

Offer better pricing for your customers

When merchants go directly to a sponsor bank for payment processing, they don’t have much room for negotiating their rates and many times end up paying a lot more in fees than necessary. Leverage our partnership to provide your customers with the lowest rates in the industry.


We’ve built an easy to use enrollment platform that brings all FINCEN regulations to the forefront,
using a single API. Avoid days of underwriting for your customers and give them the ability to
process payments within 20 minutes of getting started.

Alleviate Enrollment Costs

We validate each business using AML, KYC, Credit Check, OFAC, and more.

Avoid the costs of purchasing multiple tools and hiring a team of underwriting analysts; enroll your merchants quickly and securely, with a single API.

Enroll the way you want

We’ve been able to build the ideal merchant scorecard so we can expedite the enrollment process and provide your customers with payment acceptance days faster than the industry average.

• Enrollment API – Enable your customers to sign up for payment processing directly from your app

• Co-Branded Landing Page – Our marketing team will provide you with a custom landing page branded to your business.

• White Glove Service – Provide your customers with a white glove experience and sign up for them using Omni Connect.

Risk Management

PCI Compliance and risk management are only becoming more complicated. Stay out of the PCI Scope
and avoid having to hire risk analysts; we will take on the risk of accepting payments for you.

Don’t worry about hiring a team of analysts

Avoid having to employ a team of underwriters and risk analysts to monitor the transactions in your platform. Our risk team is here to validate and monitor all of the transactions that are processed on your platform, so you and your users can rest easy knowing you’re protected.

Manage disputes in your platform with the Dispute Manager API

Provide your customers with the ability to view and respond to chargebacks from your platform, in real-time.

The traditional process for managing chargebacks is time-consuming, confusing, and many times merchants miss the opportunity to respond due to simply not receiving their notice in time.

Expedite the chargeback process and provide your customers with a better chance of successfully overcoming the dispute with enhanced data and reporting.

Safe and Secure

All of our products are designed to be secure and compliant with PCI from a deep architecture standpoint.

Choose the Automatic funding
schedule that works for you

We handle the settling and funding of transactions for you and your customers.
Batches are closed and funds are transferred on the schedule that you choose.
Don’t worry about manual settlements or payouts – We manage the process of moving money, so you don’t have to.

Payments API

Our suite of developer tools are available for you to begin development right now.
No matter the platform, easily enable payments via the Omni Payments API.

Query Selector Code for Transaction

In Your Platform

Seamlessly process payments in your platform using the industry’s leading all-in-one payments RESTful API.

With the RESTful API, you can easily enable card-resent or card-not-present processing in languages such as Javascript, Python, and more.

On Your Website

Accept and protect sensitive payment data on a website with our easy-to-use Javascript plug-in, Fattmerchant.js.

Via Your Mobile App

Leverage our developer-friendly SDKs for iOS and Android. Enable your mobile app to key-in and swipe payments, and store payment methods for future use.

Connect your platform to other business tools

Create webhooks to send information from your app or website to your other business tools such as G-Suite, MailChimp, and CRMs.


Data Analytics


Recurring Payments

One-time payments

Split Payments

ACH Processing


Card Updater

Dispute Manager


Swipe payments by sending transactions from your platform to a WiFi-enabled terminal.

• EMV & Contactless
• Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa Paywave, Mastercard Paypass

Fattmerchant Dejavoo Z1

Mobile Readers
Send transactions from your mobile app to a mobile reader enabled via Bluetooth. Swipe, dip, or tap on-the-go.

• Easily connect to Bluetooth enabled IOS and Android devices
• Accept all EMV card types

Wifi Black Box


Swipe payments by sending transactions from your platform to a WiFi-enabled terminal.

• EMV & Contactless
• Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Visa Paywave, Mastercard Paypass

Fattmerchant Dejavoo Z1

Mobile Readers
Send transactions from your mobile app to a mobile reader enabled via Bluetooth. Swipe, dip, or tap on-the-go.

• Easily connect to Bluetooth enabled IOS and Android devices
• Accept all EMV card types

Wifi Black Box

Customer Management

Stay connected to your customers and manage multiple aspects of the relationship,
in one place, with Omni Connect.



Use the Omni Connect dashboard to manage your enrollment pipeline, monitor your customers’ payments activity, and review residual reporting.


Support Team

Provide your support team access to see customer’s enrollment status in addition to their payments, batches, and deposit activity. Assign unique roles to each user to only provide the necessary permission levels.


We’re here to help

Need tier 2 support? Easily submit tickets to our internal team for additional assistance and we will be in touch. Utilize Omni Connect to quickly and effectively provide the support your customers need.

Revenue Opportunity

We offer custom rev share opportunities for each of our ISV partners so you can monetize your payment volume.

With Omni Connect, you don’t have to worry about dedicating all of your time and resources to adding payments to your software. Enable payments for your customers quickly, and start reaping the rewards instantly.

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Hindsite Software Logo

“HindSite is delighted with our partnership with Fattmerchant. They have been an excellent business to work with. Three different HindSite teams have worked with Fattmerchant (Developers, Marketing and or Customer Opps). Each team has told me what a joy it is to work with Fattmerchant. They are responsive, professional and helpful. Most importantly I have heard the exact same things from our customers. Prior to the partnership, our clients didn’t have a way to take payments within our platform. Fattmerchant has solved this pain point.”

David Crary
CEO, HindSite Software LLC.

Customer Support Icon

Your Dedicated Support System

We know that choosing a payments partner is a huge decision. That’s why we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our dedicated partner success team works closely from development to implementation to sales & marketing support to ensure a successful partnership.

Integration Support

We provide simple and clear documentation to help you connect our API with your platform. In addition, our helpful developers will work with your team one-on-one to ensure seamless integration with your app or website.

Marketing Support

We offer everything from ready to use co-brandedmaterials to customized marketing plans in order to provide the marketing tools you need to start seeing results.

Customer Support

In addition to supporting our partners, our in-house support team answers calls 24/7 to help your customers get the best experience. Don’t just take it from us; our NPS score is over 80 points higher than the industry average!

Sales Support

Our dedicated channel payment consultant team is educated on each partner and nurtures partner generated leads to enhance conversion rates.

Ready to upgrade your integrated payments with Fattmerchant?

You deserve the best payments partner, and our goal is to join forces with B2B, B2C and B2B2C SaaS platforms to maximize their potential through strategic payment integrations. Fill out the form and someone from our business development team will reach out to you shortly!

Please note: Currently, we only partner with companies that have a presence in the United States.