Dashboard and Analytics

The power of data is in your hands with Omni. Access data from all of your business locations, track your sales, and sell smarter with your Omni dashboard and analytics.

Business Dashboard

Your high-level summary, the business dashboard shows sales trends in a simple view, making you aware of growth or areas of concern for your business. A heat map shows your busiest times of day (and slowest), helping you make smarter staffing decisions and more impactful offers and promotions.

Omni Dashboard

This comprehensive dashboard combines data from all your business locations into a single view. Compare different locations or regions to identify areas of growth or concern, and get a holistic view of the health of your business.

Person typing on laptop with Omni analytics dashboard on the screen.


Our custom reporting options make it easy for you to access the data that matters most to your business. Report on payments, inventory, item categories, and deposits to really drill down into the specifics. You can filter these reports to fit them to your exact needs, and once you’re done, exporting the data is as easy as one click!

Reporting in Omni makes it easy to track when you should be expecting payment from customers and batches to hit your bank account, which is critical to anticipating cash flow at your business.

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