Omni + QuickBooks Online

Save time and manage your business in just one platform. With just a few clicks, QuickBooks Online (QBO) users can now integrate with Fattmerchant’s powerful payment processing.

Access our low subscription processing rates while automatically syncing business data between both platforms.

Instant Data Sync

Once you enable the integration, your data syncs automatically throughout the day. Work in either Omni or QuickBooks Online, whichever you prefer.

2-Way Integration

Make changes to customers, invoices, and payments in one system and have it reflected in both platforms – no reconciliation needed.

Advanced Security

Fattmerchant maintains level 1 PCI compliance. That means your customers’ information and your business data are always safe and secure.

Simple Set-Up

Connect your QuickBooks Online account into our Omni dashboard in just a few clicks. Plus, our support team is always here to help.

Manage Your Business in One Place

Our simple integration with QuickBooks Online lets you automatically sync customers, invoices, payments, and more.

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Smarter Payment Processing

Our subscription pricing model has no hidden fees, no contracts, and no cancellation fees. You’ll see exactly what you’re paying and why. Our merchants save up to 40% on monthly processing fees!

Seamless 2-Way Sync

Your customers, unpaid invoices, payments, and catalog items will sync between the two systems, making your data easy to access when and where you need it.

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Autosend Invoices

With our autosend feature, you’ll be able to build invoices in QuickBooks Online. The invoices will sync with Omni and can be automatically emailed to your customer. Simplify billing and save time.

Effortlessly Sync Payments with QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online users shouldn’t have to overpay for credit card processing. With our QuickBooks Online Pro Sync, you’ll get access to our low subscription pricing while enjoying our best-in-class customer support.

With Omni, you won’t have to log into multiple platforms to manage your business. Enjoy simple payment processing in tandem with the QuickBooks Online tools you rely on.

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