Supercharge Your Platform with Integrated Payments

Give your users the ability to seamlessly accept payments from your platform with the industry’s leading all-in-one payments API and a completely customizable experience.

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Boost Retention and Revenue with the Best Payments API

By integrating payment processing into your platform, your users will enjoy the “one-stop-shop”
experience they want, while creating the revenue stream and increased user retention you deserve.

Smart Integrations

Developer-friendly API and SDK library for easy set-up.

Profit Sharing

Generous incentive programs for referral partners.

Sales & Marketing Support

A dedicated team to maximize your conversion rates.

Integrated Payment Solutions for Every Industry

Whether you connect doctors with patients, contractors with homeowners, or agencies with businesses,
our robust ISV partner program helps you provide a seamless payments experience for users.


Professional Services

Field Services

Health & Wellness

Keep Your Customers Coming Back For More

Providing a custom payments integration not only helps your users run their businesses more efficiently but also helps them be more profitable — allowing you to effortlessly attract and retain customers while creating a healthy new stream of revenue at the same time.

Enjoy Better Retention

Combining your technology with our payment tools will make it easier for businesses to get everything they need in one place – and less likely to leave you for a competitor.

Attract New Customers

Powering your platform with payments will give you the edge you need to attract new customers. Help businesses manage all their needs in one place when you integrate payments.

Improve Functionality

When you integrate with the Fattmerchant payments API, in addition to payments, you can also include our business analytics and payments reporting into your platform’s functionality.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Customers will love that you’re offering an affordable and time-saving solution by eliminating the need for a separate platform from yours to accept payments.

Unlock Your Revenue Potential with Custom Pricing

One size does not fit all, especially when it comes to the cost of processing payments. We help you maintain full control of your user experience by helping you curate a custom pricing plan with competitive rates tailored to your customers’ needs. No matter how you prefer to control your customers’ processing costs, we have a pricing solution that fits.

We offer 3 different custom pricing models to choose from:

Starting at
2.9% + $0.15 per transaction
  • Craft your own custom flat-rate model with rates starting at 2.9% + $0.15 per transaction and provide your users a simple way to process payments with a clear understanding of what each transaction will cost.
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Custompass-through pricing
  • Interchange plus is cost-effective route that separates interchange (a fee set by Visa, Mastercard, and Discover that varies by card type) and fixed markup, allowing you to take full control of processing costs for your users.

We’re More Than “Just Another Credit Card Processor”

We know that new features make the world of SaaS applications go ‘round, so as an ISV partner you gain access to more than just basic credit card processing capabilities. Through our all-in-one API, you can offer exciting add-ons — including multiple ways to request, track, and accept payments — all from comfort of your platform.


Recurring Invoices

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QuickBooks Online 2-way Sync

Split Payments

ACH Processing

Quick Pay

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Developer Solutions for ISVs

Fattmerchant’s developer-friendly SDKs and RESTful API is the industry’s first to offer support for both eCommerce and in-person EMV payments. Check out what our API can do for you.

Easy Onboarding
Instantly connect systems and
start processing immediately.

Recurring Payments
Send recurring bills with a single
schedule by customer.

Customer Management
Manage customers, purchase history,
and stored payments.

Data Analytics
Gain valuable insights through
real-time data analytics with Omni.

One-Time Payments
Set up a catalog to quickly accept
one-time payments.

Bank-Level Security
Process at PCI Level 1, the highest
level of compliance.

Create invoices by product,
service type, or inventory.

Full end-to-end encryption,
protecting payment data.

Hosted Payments
Generate unique URLS to
make payments simple.

Payment Gateway Integrations

Already have a favorite payment gateway? Fattmerchant integrates directly with most of the nation’s popular gateways,
allowing you to upgrade your integrated processing with ease and providing your customers access to our low rates
— without any extra heavy lifting.

Activate Merchants Faster with Payment Facilitation

Payment facilitation (better known as PayFac) allows technology providers to provide a customized integrated payments experience without the hurdles of a traditional ISO. As a trusted payment facilitator, Fattmerchant allows you to activate seamless in-app payments with instant onboarding, advanced customization and quicker access to funds.

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Your Dedicated Support System

We know that choosing a payments partner is a huge decision. That’s why we’re here to support you every step of the way. Our dedicated partner success team works closely from development to implementation to sales & marketing support to ensure a successful partnership.

Integration Support

We provide simple and clear documentation to help you connect our API with your platform. In addition, our helpful developers will work with your team one-on-one to ensure a seamless integration with your app or website.

Customer Support

In addition to supporting our partners, our in-house support team answers calls 24/7 to help your customers get the best experience. Don’t just take it from us; our NPS score is over 80 points higher than the industry average!

Marketing Support

We offer everything from ready to use co-branded materials to customized marketing plans in order to provide the marketing tools you need to start seeing results.

Sales Support

Our dedicated channel payment consultant team is educated on each partner and nurtures partner generated leads to enhance conversion rates.

Ready to upgrade your integrated payments with Fattmerchant?

You deserve the best payments partner, and our goal is to join forces with B2B, B2C and B2B2C SaaS platforms to maximize their potential through strategic payment integrations. Fill out the form below and someone from our business development team will reach out to you shortly!

Not looking for integrated payments?

If you’re an association, financial institution, or referral agent looking to form a partnership — we’d love to chat! Email [email protected] with your name, phone number, and a brief note and someone will reach out to discuss our current opportunities.